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** Buttons will become active (red) when information is available.

COMPETITION DATE: Saturday, May 31st                                             

COMPETITION SITE: Extreme Ice Center (Indian Trail, NC)  
$80 for the 1st IJS event; $55 for the 2nd IJS event
                         $65 for the 1st Non-Qualifying event; $40 for the 1st Basic Skills event
                         $25 for each additional event regardless of level

If you plan to compete in BOTH IJS AND 6.0 EVENTS, use the button on the LEFT. If you are going to compete in ONLY 6.0 EVENTS, use the button on the RIGHT. Consult the competition announcements for a list of what all is offered for either choice. If you have questions or run into problems, please contact the Powerade State Games office at 919-361-1133 or send an e-mail to roxanne@ncsports.org.

11:59pm on May 4th
      ** Late registrations will be accepted at the discretion of the Competition Manager and Chief Referee and will be subject to a $25 late
      ** A $30 fee will be assessed to those wanting to change their event after May 4th.

NEW FOR 2014! The International Judging System (IJS) will be used for Juvenile through Senior well-balanced free skate events and Intermediate through Senior short programs. In addition, critiques will be offered again for Pre-Juvenile through Junior well-balanced free skate and Intermediate through Junior short program events.

NEW FOR 2014! A special award will be given to the club/rink with the most participants! The award will be presented during a new, on-ice "Parade of Athletes" that will be held during the competition.



  • MEDALS will be awarded to all first, second, and third place winners in each division.
  • A SCHEDULE will be e-mailed to participants once registration has closed and the program itinerary has been developed.
  • PRACTICE ICE information will be e-mailed to participants as well as posted on the website.
  • CHECK-IN will be open one hour prior to competition and will remain open during the scheduled events. Skaters should check in at least one hour prior to their event.
  • MUSIC - Only CDs will be accepted and must be clearly marked with your name, event, and program time. Each CD may only have one piece of music on it and must be turned in one hour before the event at the registration desk. The Powerade State Games of North Carolina and the Carolinas Figure Skating Club accept no responsibility for breakage, damage, or the loss of music, but will take every precaution possible to protect each CD. It is recommended that competitors have an extra competition CD available. Vocal music is permitted. Programs may be less than the designated time, but no more.
  • The COMPUTATION OF RESULTS will be done using current USFS accounting procedures. We will be using the 6.0 system of judging.
  • AGE DIVISIONS are determined by the participant's age on April 30, 2014. Age Divisions may be further broken down to equalize group size.
    • Adults 19 years and older will compete in separate events in all divisions unless they choose to compete with skaters under 19 years of age. The choice to compete with younger skaters must be indicated in a letter accompanying their entry.
  • COMPETITION APPAREL is to be modest, dignified, and appropriate for athletic competition. Apparel may reflect the character of the music but should not be too theatrical. (This does not pertain to spotlight/showcase costumes.) Ladies' hips and posteriors should not be exposed. Any application of beading, etc. should be firmly affixed. Deductions for any violations are 0.1-0.2 in the second mark.


  1. United States Figure Skating Association (USFS) 2014-2015 rules will be used as guidelines for judging all events. Skaters may skate less than the time indicated. Maximum times are given to accommodate ISI programs.
  2. This Powerade State Games of North Carolina event will be sanctioned by USFS, although membership in USFS is not required to enter the competition.
  3. Skaters may compete at level qualified or can skate up one level but may compete in only one event from each category. Athletes are responsible for verifying age, residence, and test level if challenged.
  4. Non-USFS members may contact the competition manager, Sonja Kaminski (kaminsk8@hotmail.com), with any questions regarding the correct test level.
  5. All skaters must reside or skate regularly in North Carolina or South Carolina.
  6. The competition reserves the right to combine events.
  7. Boys and girls may skate together in some events.

The 2014 Powerade State Games of North Carolina Figure Skating Championship is a qualifying competition for the 2015 State Games of America Championship to be held in Omaha, Nebraska! All those skaters placing first, second, or third qualify to compete nationally and represent their home state at the site of the 2013 US Figure Skating Championships!


Photos by Triad Sports Coverage