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Who is eligible to participate in the Powerade State Games?
Athletes from North Carolina and South Carolina are eligible to participate with the following exceptions – High School Soccer, High School Lacrosse, High School Softball and High School Baseball are limited to North Carolina residents only.  You must be a resident of either state for at least 30 days prior to the first day of competition.  Military personnel and college students in either state are encouraged to participate.  All athletes must be amateurs and are responsible for knowing and understanding the rules and policies of the sport’s national governing body.  Choose a sport from the “sports” dropdown menu at the top of the page for more information on sport specific eligibility requirements, divisions offered and age groups included.

How do I register to participate?
If you put your cursor over the “sports” link at the top of the page, a dropdown menu will appear.  Click on your sport and you will be directed to the sport page.  Click "Register" at the top of the sport page and be sure to have your Visa or MasterCard ready.  If you are unable to pay with a credit card, please send an email to poweradestategames@ncsports.org requesting a mail in form for your sport. Additional fees may apply.

Where do I enter my team roster?
If you have signed up to compete in a team sport, then your entire roster MUST be submitted online through our registration system.  The person who signed the team up initially will create a password when registering.  Team members can then use their team name and the password to login to the system and fill out their information.  Each sport has its own team member login.  Navigate to your sport page and click "Register" and select the "Team Member Login" option.  It will prompt you for your team name and password.  If you have any questions, email poweradestategamesnc@ncsports.org.

When will schedules for team sports be posted?
Schedules will be posted as soon as possible after registration is closed.  We will post them no later than 10 days before competition begins.  If you have any special scheduling needs, be sure to send them to poweradestategames@ncsports.org BEFORE the schedules are released.  We will take all special needs into consideration at that time.  Once the schedules are posted, they will not be adjusted for any individual or team specific needs.

Where are the nearest hotels located and is there a special rate for Powerade State Games athletes?
The Hotel Info page on our website has a list of the official Powerade State Games hotels that are the closest for each sport.  There is a special rate for Powerade State Games athletes staying at official Powerade State Games hotels.  

Where can I find directions to the competition venues/facilities?
The Venue Directions page on our website has a list of all facilities and their addresses.  It also has a link to “get directions” to each facility.  

Can I follow the Powerade State Games on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
Yes!  We would love to have you follow us.  CLICK HERE to like us on Facebook, CLICK HERE to follow us on Twitter and CLICK HERE to follus us on Instagram.  We update these social media outlets with pertinent information before we are able to update our website.

What is the refund policy for event cancellation due to weather or unforeseen circumstances?
Due to the magnitude of this event, there will be NO refunds.  Outdoor sports will be held if weather permits. 

Is there an admission charge to enter a Powerade State Games competition?
There is an admission fee at most venues for all parents, spectators and other non-Powerade State Games participants.  Parking fees may apply at some competition facilities.  All fees are per person per day.  Children 6 & under are admitted free to all venues.  All Powerade State Games athletes receive free admission.

Is each participant responsible for his/her own medical insurance?
It is understood that North Carolina Amateur Sports and the Powerade State Games of NC do not insure against and accept no responsibility for personal injury, property loss, or damage sustained by the participant as a result of his/her participation.  Each participant is responsible for his/her own medical insurance.

Will there be any Powerade State Games merchandise for sale during the competitions?
Yes, Powerade State Games merchandise will be for sale at most venues.  Merchandise will also be sold at Opening Ceremonies, so be sure you attend to guarantee you get a chance to purchase official Powerade State Games merchandise.

What are the State Games of America and how do I qualify to participate?
The State Games of America is an Olympic-style event featuring competition between State Games medal winners (gold, silver, bronze) from across the nation.  The event is held every two years.  The 2019 State Games of America will be held in Lynchburg, VA at Liberty University.  Medal winners from the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Powerade State Games are eligible to participate.  Please visit the State Games of America website for more information.