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Millbrook High School has been participating in the Powerade State Games High School Basketball Tournament since 2002.  We caught up with new head coach Chris Davis (former assistant under longtime head coach Scott McInnes) to get his feelings and perspective on Millbrook’s fifteen year journey in the Powerade State Games.

What year was your first experience with the State Games, and what do you remember most from that year?  

2002 was our first time playing in the State Games.  We were at my alma mater NC State playing in Carmichael Gymnasium.  We faced a guy by the name of Chris Paul (West Forsyth).  He was scoring on us at will, during a time-out one of my rising seniors yelled out "I got Chris!"  Paul went on to score about 40 points on us and they beat us.  We made it pretty far in our first time playing in the games, but it taught my kids we had a long way to go to be able to play with the likes of Chris helping our program.

What does the State Games mean to your program?
Everything.  The State Games are the only summer event we will discuss during our season.  We never want to discuss the summer out of our respect of the seniors, but we get that brochure, get our calendars out and mark those dates.  The State Games are the most important event we do every summer. 

What separates the State Games from summer camps or other summer tournaments?
Wow, so many things.  Great competition.  Get to play teams from different classes and private schools.  Full Court Games. Regulation Games (No one else does that.)  Great venues.  Kids get to play in: Greensboro Coliseum, Lawrence Joel Arena, NC State, NC Central, etc.   

What are some of your favorite stories/highlights you can remember from over the years at State Games?  
Our first year we went to Charlotte, we made it to our first Gold Medal game and we had to play Oak Ridge Academy (had 7 D1 kids on their team)!  We upset Greensboro Day in the semifinals to get to play them.  We felt like winning the Day game was the gold medal game for us because there was NO WAY we would beat Oak Ridge!  We didn't win the game and won the silver but my kids had an awesome weekend in Charlotte and we won the silver medal.  Last summer, Patrick Dorsey hit a shot from 90 feet at the buzzer!  The ref didn't count the shot, but Patrick was on Sportscenter and was the number 1 play of the day!

What memories do you have of players (on your team, or teams you played against) in the State Games that ended up being very successful at the next level?  
Millbrook Guys: Chris Clemons - Campbell, Jordan Whitfield - Campbell, Cameron Stanley - Wake Forest, Simon Harris - NC State, Durral Peterson - Utah State
Opponents: Chris Paul - Wake Forest, Shavlik Randolph - Duke, Rodney Purvis - UCONN, Harry Giles - Duke, PJ Hairston - UNC, Rayshawn Terry - UNC

What is one of Millbrook’s greatest accomplishments at the State Games?
We have been blessed enough to medal in the event 9 times in 15 years!  Winning 3 gold medals, 2 silver and 4 bronze!

The Powerade State Games High School Basketball Tournament will be held June 23-25 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center in 2017.  The Youth Basketball Tournament will be held at the same venue at the same time, creating some fantastic basketball action on eight courts under one roof.