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Featured Athlete Stan Kimer

Our first story comes from Stan Kimer, age 61, who participated in the first event of the Games, Figure
Skating. Our Figure Skating competition was held April 8th at the Greensboro Ice House.  Stan competed in his first Powerade State Games after picking up the sport two years ago at age 59.
“I have always enjoyed watching figure skating on TV over the years.  I grew up in an athletic family and attended many different sporting events, and I also enjoy music and the performing arts,” Stan says.  “Figure skating very uniquely brings these two together.”  Stan particularly noticed the joy that the professional skaters exhibited as he watched them skate on the ice.  He took early retirement from IBM just after he turned 55, and that allowed him the time to explore his love for the sport.  “I went to US Figure Skating events and receptions where I got to meet the athletes.  After several years of attending events, and watching our US Ice Dance Team (Meryl Davis and Charlie White) win Olympic Gold in 2014, I found the Dorothy Hammill Adult Skating Camp while doing a google search.”  And the rest, as they say, is history.
Stan announced on Facebook that he was going to take up figure skating.  “I went to a skating pro shop, got fitted for custom skates, found a wonderful coach who was willing to take on an older adult with no experience, and stepped on the ice for the first time at age 59.”  It wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be.  He soon realized how hard the US Figure Skaters had to work to make their craft look so easy.
Four months later, Stan attended Dorothy Hammill’s camp (pictured left with Dorothy).  “We skated 5 hours a day, and I did not want to get off the ice when the time was up.  And then performing in front of the local crowd there on the final day was so much fun, I knew that this was what I was meant to do.”  Stan has passed his first two adult tests, which allow him to skate in regional competitions.  His goal is to compete at US Adult Nationals in 2018.  The Powerade State Games in April were another step along his journey.
Back in August of 2016, he had a serious fall and fractured his hip.  He was on crutches for 6 weeks and off the ice for 8 weeks.  “But I was not going to let this set back destroy my dream.  I was back on the ice by the end of October,” he says.  “And I was able to perform a number in our local rink’s Holiday Show – and I will be doing that number as my Light Entertainment Showcase number at the Powerade State Games.”
Figure skating has certainly become Stan’s passion in just two and a half years.  When asked what he enjoys most about the sport, he responds, “I truly enjoy that unique mix of the athleticism of figure skating combined with the artistry of the performance.”  Stan's love for the sport and dedication to training shined through at the Powerade State Games where he brought home a Gold Medal (Adult Pre-Bronze Men) and a Silver Medal (Adult Bronze Light Entertainment).